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Septober 1st - 57th entry (Puppet Festival)
Septober 1st
-The Puppet Festival was today. It was bright, so amazing, I am still dazzled by the grand display. This year was surely bigger than the last or possibly any other before.
I chose to paint my face like a Mask of Osnera and spent much time getting ready after class to go down into the city.
Most of the other students had also come down to the Festival, but only the Loarnics had painted their faces to resemble God Masks. There was so much laughing and drinking, even now as I write from my bed in the Temple I can hear the din of the partying that will carry on all night.
By the light of day, there was a display of traditional Loarnic wrestling. Sitting with the Loarnic Priest in one of the theaters hosting for the night, I saw men and women alike dressed in ancient styles as they wrestled through the ranks until Champions were declared. Bippa, a pig farming woman who had come to the Festival from a neighboring village, and Seevin, a fisherman from Senntisten itself. Many of t
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Comm: Artemiske and Hazeel :iconnpc-jes:NPC-Jes 5 1 Tharakski -redesign- :iconnpc-jes:NPC-Jes 6 2
Fentuary 27th - 56th entry (White Crocodile Woman)
Fentuary 27th
-I must admit that I have grown to like Sinnio. This is the reason I was sad to see him leave today. I had hoped that he would stay for the Puppet Festival that is fast approaching, but he said that he must return to his Master in Kanaset. His visit to Senntisten is over and it is time to return home to share what he has leaned with the Priest-King and his son.
I still do not want to be married to this strange man, even with all that Sinnio has told me of him. What if he is cruel to me? What if he uses foul threats and foul force? I trust Sinnio, but what if he has not told me the full truth? I am scared of this man who is to be my husband. There is so much that could go wrong with this stranger.
Sinnio sent his last pigeon out today explaining my fear to his Master. Later, a pigeon came in response. With his Master wishing to soothe me, Sinnio was directed to go out and buy for me a gift. He came back with a censer of silver, shaped like a dog. Reflecting the Loarnic leg
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